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Debbie Cunningham, The Office Doc

Computer Friendship


For years, Debbie has been my go-to source for Microsoft Office answers when I need them quickly.
Liz A, Executive Assistant
She helped me get the PowerPoint training I needed. Then she worked with me to figure out a way to manage my weekly international coaching client appointments across multiple time zones – even with more than 2 dozen time zones world-wide and several variations on Daylight Savings Time. This will prevent a whole range of problems I’ve had in the past.
Marni P, Professional Coach
Debbie Cunningham paced the class well and provided the information in a nontechnical way so made the material easy to follow and understand. I’ve taken many classes… Debbie is the best instructor out of all of them.
Microsoft Project student
Every time I do a one-on-one session with Debbie, she creates templates for me. As a sales professional she has saved time… and time equals money.
Michael C, Alba Wheels Up
I had increasing pain from repetitive motion damage in my hand and elbow. The doctors told me I might need to take steroids, maybe even have surgery. The techniques Debbie taught us have eliminated much of the pain. And the shortcuts have made me much faster at everything I do on the computer.
Yetta K, writer
My department upgraded to Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010. During the weeks we had to wait for training, productivity dropped and everyone was becoming more and more frustrated, mostly with Windows 7 and Microsoft Word. Debbie changed all that.
Joseph F, Lawyer
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